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WordKeeper Translations - Translation


You spent time, money and energy to carefully craft your product or service and implement your sales and marketing strategy. As far as your English-speaking target audience is concerned, your marketing communications tools convey a clear, efficient and compelling message.

You want your marketing materials to have exactly the same results with your French-speaking audience(s). Therefore, hiring a skilled translator means finding someone willing to go beyond words...

With WordKeeper Translations, you choose a language-solution provider who is an all-in-one:


A linguist, fluent in both source and target languages, who will respect the terminology pertaining to your industry or field.


We don’t “just” translate into a different language. We also pay special attention to style, ensuring copy flows naturally and reads as if it had originally been written in the target language.


Transcreation is the process by which your translator recreates your message so it retains its original dynamics and appeal while being culturally and socially relevant, which requires creative flair to “hit the mark” with your target audience.


Marketing your product or service to an audience located in Paris, Montreal or Geneva is not the same, as each region has its own linguistic and cultural specificities. WordKeeper Translations can localize your words to specifically cater to the following three French-speaking markets: Canada, France and Switzerland.


WordKeeper Translations will ensure that each source sentence has its perfect match in the target copy and that the appropriate terminology has been used through a careful editing process.


All translations performed by WordKeeper Translations undergo a meticulous quality assurance process prior to delivery, which includes detailed proofreading.