How it works

WordKeeper Translations follows a simple project management process designed to give you the best experience, summed up in three words:

We know that choosing the right translator is not an easy task. With WordKeeper Translations, you have peace of mind knowing that we are determined to provide only the best in quality, punctuality and confidentiality.
Each client has different needs and objectives. WordKeeper Translations will ensure that yours are clearly identified, understood and fulfilled.
When dealing with WordKeeper Translations, you also deal with a translator focused on establishing a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

Here is how it works in six easy, concrete steps:

Step 1

You submit your translation project directly from this website or by email to request a quote.

Step 2

We examine it and offer to schedule a phone call with you to further discuss your needs, objectives and deadlines.

Step 3

We send you a detailed quote, along with our Terms of Sale.

Step 4

Once we receive your approval, we translate, edit and proofread your document. We will occasionally be in touch with you if we have questions about the project (terminology, etc.)

Step 5

We deliver your translation by the agreed deadline, along with our invoice.

Step 6

We follow up with you for any further edits or requests you may have and offer final proofing right before your materials go to print or are published online.