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WordKeeper Translations - Expertise


Choosing quality translation services means better control over how your brand is perceived

In today’s globalized economy, companies are becoming increasingly aware that investing in premium translation services to market their products or services has the potential to greatly boost sales and positively impact brand image. At WordKeeper Translations, we are also fully aware of this, which is why we are committed to helping you build or maintain brand awareness, or generally shed the most positive light on your products, services and/or activities.

A unique translation profile and experience at your service

Fourteen years spent living and working in various English-speaking countries, more particularly in the US and Canada, within various types of company models (for profit, non-profit, government), in various fields or industries (education, consumer goods, diplomacy, etc.) have helped Karine Larcher − owner and senior translator at WordKeeper Translations – gain experience in a broad range of forms of communications, strategies and objectives that she now puts at your service.

Our specialty: corporate and marketing communications

This is why WordKeeper Translations focuses almost exclusively on corporate and marketing communications, helping various companies in Europe and North America craft compelling messages for their French-speaking stakeholders, customers, prospective buyers, employees, investors, etc.

Whether your company or organization is doing or looking to do business and/or extend its range of activities to the French, Canadian (Quebec) and Swiss markets, WordKeeper Translations offers a unique, all-in-one solution to your translation needs.