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WordKeeper Translations - Karine Larcher, professional translator

Karine Larcher, professional translator


WordKeeper Translations is owned and operated by Karine Larcher, a professional translator, editor and proofreader.

A native French speaker, Karine grew up in a town along the French-Swiss border, in the heart of the Alps. She graduated from the universities of Lyons and Grenoble with an M.A. in Teaching French as a Second/Foreign Language and a B.A. in English (Literature and Translation).

Having caught the travel bug and an appetite for trying new things at a young age, she first exported her skills to various countries such as Ireland, England and Switzerland, before crossing the ocean to spend 14 years in Canada and the US where she gained invaluable, first-hand experience of North-American business practices and culture. That is also where she developed her translation and localization skills and is now able to adjust her French to the specificities of three linguistic areas she knows well: France, Canada (Quebec) and Switzerland.

Added to her sound knowledge of English and French are a passion for writing and a keen interest in marketing communications and advertising, which she turned into her translation specialty. She loves translation because it allows her to constantly learn new things, it challenges her creativity and provides an endless flow of variety.

To learn more or see reviews about Karine, check her profile on LinkedIn!

Feel free to send her an email to see her resume and/or a portfolio of her work.